Avigna Diagnostics

Avigna Diagnostics testing services provide patients accurate and diagnostically meaningful results. To this end, strict quality control programs, both internal and external are incorporated into our laboratory process. While no medical testing should be considered routine, Avigna Diagnostics boasts a highly trained staff that is capable of accurate, professional service from the most basic of tests to the most sensitive, technical procedures. Tests are repeated without charge whenever, in the physician’s opinion, the results do not correlate with the patient’s clinical profile. Flexible specimen-pick up time and reporting options are available to meet your needs. Initial laboratory results are available within 12 to 24 hours of specimen collection via electronic transmission.

Avigna Diagnostics provides high-quality medical laboratory services using the most advanced technologies. We are the premier laboratory for home and long-term care visits requiring blood draws and specimen collection. Our phlebotomists provide exceptional care with timeliness and professionalism. We offer a wide variety of testing services ranging from urinalysis, oral fluid testing, and blood profiles to detect drug use or inform you of various medical conditions that may be compromising your health.

Avigna Multi-Speciality Clinics

Avigna Multispecialty Clinics, a sister concern of Ankura Hospitals is a one-stop destination for all the everyday healthcare needs of the family. We offer Consultations under 17 different Specialties, Diagnostics and Pharmacy, all under one roof.

First of its kind in twin cities, the clinics aim to provide quick and hassle free access to wide ranging medical specialists avoiding long waits at hospitals. Access to the state-of-the-art diagnostic facilities under the same roof obviates having to go elsewhere for tests and diagnostics. All investigations are performed with utmost care and in the presence of doctors ensuring accurate diagnosis and quality treatment.

The team of doctors and consultants at Avigna are highly trained medical professionals with many years of experience in leading hospitals and many of them having trained both in India and abroad.

Our mission is to bring you affordable and cost effective care without compromising on quality and efficiency. Highly trained specialist doctors, well trained nursing team, friendly support staff and professional management team will ensure that you have a pleasant visit while providing you with best possible medical care day after day.